May 4th, 2007


Loyalty un-American

Did you know that May 1 is Loyalty Day?

In summary, the general idea here is we should be loyal to the USA.

What is loyalty anyway?  To me, loyalty had always meant a feeling of allegience and devotion that would generally transcend and/or ignore various levels of transgression on the part of the one we are loyal to.  If I'm loyal to you and you tick me off, I'll probably still stand by your side and defend you to the masses, right?

However, doesn't that seem a little weird?  I mean it's basically saying we should be loyal to what the USA is, despite anything that we may feel about it.  I mean that seems fine in principle, I suppose, but what if the USA starts doing really bad things to its populace?  I'm sure the ruling powers that be wouldn't pick a time at which they would say "Ok, you don't have to be loyal anymore."

And if we, as a populace, thought loyalty was a generally good idea, then why did we revolt against the ruling English crown two hundred and some-odd years ago?  Wouldn't loyalty have been considered an admirable quality by King George III?  My rash assumption would be "yes".

And yet, here we go, us crazy disloyal upstarts... ripping up the country by its roots and toppling it over on top of the bewildered benevolent monarch, as if to say "screw you, we're taking our ball and we're going home!"

So I guess my question is, if disloyalty was ok then, how is not ok now?  Mind you, I'm not suggesting that anything is bad enough that we need to incite a revolution and start turning the the harbor into a big pot of brewed tea or anything, but shouldn't we be a little frustrated with current affairs and transcend our feelings of loyalty enough to at least strongly question them?

Or should we just stand up and rail against those who would criticize our country and just say "Look!  Shuddup!  This is the USA, and it's great the way it is!  Leave it alone or I'll pop you one in the eye!"

Well, I guess many people in this country would say that, and I guess I think that's horrible.

The interesting thing is that those people would call me un-American for thinking thusly, and yet I think more clearly that it is they who are so.
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