May 3rd, 2007


We're just screwed.

So global warming has suddenly become the new fad.  I'm not entirely sure why it clicked, but I believe there was recently some report that came out that had some disparaging things to say, combined with people watching The Day After or whatever the hell that movie was, and then for whatever reason the media is reporting more on bad storms.  Poof!  Instant doom terror!

Well, whatever the reason, fine... global warming.  Sounds bad, I suppose, right?  Ice caps melting and all that?  Turn my inland home into waterfront property and all that.  Bad, right?

Well, wait a minute... is it?  I guess the people in Boston and LA will be fairly screwed, but if I suddenly get waterfront property, that's not all bad is it?  Hmm... interesting.  'course now there is this element of new deserts possibly forming... well, that seems kind of bad, but then there's also reports of growing seasons expanding and new produces being available in new areas because of the increase in temp.  Hmm..

But anyway, let's just kind of accept for purposes of this rambling point that these things are, in summary, bad.  Let's move on from there.

So, what then?

Well, reduce greenhouse gasses of course.  That's been in our face for quite some time now... at least 20 years worth that I am aware of, which probably means its been known for at least 20 years before that.

Ok, so good, so let's start focusing on some alternatives.  How about biodiesel?  Perfect!  That reduces the greenhouse gasses by burning processed crop materials into fuels that our cars use.

But wait... shit, corn suddenly got kinda expensive.  Oh noes!  Cows eat corn?  Is that why our beef prices are suddenly starting to go up?  Now what?  Well, obviously, we need to make corn cheaper so we need to start specializing in it and mass-producing it.  But wait... in order to specialize, we must centralize, and therefore there is more shipping... shipping burns more fuel, thus depricating the benefit of doing it this way to begin with!  Ack!

Ok, ok ok... I know...

What we need to do is bring our needs to a more localized community.  In fact, we need to create small cells of people who work/eat/live all in the same small area.  They get all their needs from what surrounds them, and if they can't do it, they just kinda deal.  Now we're being very efficient in small groups and our output of gasses is quite low.  Relatively less waste as well.  You know, kinda like a small self-sustaining farm or farm community.

But gee, that seems kinda stifling, doesn't it?

Well, maybe we'll just make a quick trip across the state for the day to visit a cultural gathering and share thoughts and ideas.  And oh hey, they have some lovely food here... man, I wonder how we could arrange to get some of this stuff where we are.  Oh hey, look, they don't have wheat here... I wonder if they would be interested in establishing some kind of trade?  You know, we could probably schedule it on a regular basis to make the process more efficient.



Human beings are pre-programmed to self-destruction of our race, and the only saving possibility is that they expand beyond the confines of Earth space so that they can continue to massively alter other worlds in their insatiable desire to expand.  Note I didn't say "destroy" here, but that's a discussion for another day.

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