April 25th, 2007


"Done" is a binary state, but speed limits don't appear to be.

So I have a couple quick things to muse over today.

First is when people say they are "done".  Being "done" with something means you are done.  There is nothing left to do.  No remaining issues to address, no 'I's to dot or 'T's to cross... you have completed the task.  You  have ended the arrangement.  You have concluded your business.  You have walked away and need never walk back again.  You are done.

If you say you are done with something, you need to be in a state where you have no remaining issues of any kind whatsoever, or you are not done.  Done is binary.  1 or 0.  True of False.  Yes or No.  There is no "kinda done".  There are no "degrees of done".  Period.

As a manager I run across this issue a lot and I've never understood it.  "I'm done!  I've closed the call!  Well, I still need to do X and Y, but I'm done."  Ummmmmmmmmmmmm... no, you're not really done.  See above.

Second issue for today is speed.

Now, I am a known speed demon.  I drive a relatively fast car and I have a lead foot with an insurance and driving record to prove it. (ugh)  I am, however, not a total retard, so when I drive down the same road every day and I see that the road in question is absolutely crawling with police officers who are clearly "out to get you", I learn very quickly that I need to slow my ass down.

This particular stretch of road I'm referring to is Central Street (Acton) which effectively then transitions to School Street and then Laws Brook (West Concord).  Now all of these roads are bad cop roads, are either 25 or 30 MPH with the tail end of Laws Brook turning down to 20 MPH just as it enters West Concord downtown, but School Street in Acton is the absolute WORST.  It's a windy road with lots of blind patches and I see a cop on that stretch no less than four times a week, so basically your odds of getting nailed there are very high.  (and yes, I've gotten nailed there before)

So the way I've decided to deal with this is basically set my cruise control at 30-32 MPH and stick with it for this entire stretch.

Admittedly, this is suck slow.  I could pretty much tie a rope on the wheel and take a nap if it weren't for the turns.  It's maddening, but it is what it is, and I'm always 2-7 MPH over the posted speed limit, so I'm technically nailable at any time if the cop decides to be an asshole (and trust me, Acton cops are assholes).

Despite this, I invariably wind up with a line of cars behind me, all super annoyed at me for doing this.  Occasionally (like today), I got some tard tailgating me (like maybe 2' away), and a motorcylce behind them veering left and right the entire trip to log his distaste with my speed choice.  I got kinda irked so I slowed down next to a 25MPH sign and pointed to it to make the point, and then I was certain to point out the cop that we drove by a few minutes later... as if to say "See?  Had I let you go, you would have been nailed right here."

I guess maybe in writing this I've given myself the answer.  I should start letting these people fly by, and then I can toot my horn and laugh at the ones that get severely bagged.

It's also mildly entertaining to lock up my brakes just a touch to see how they react.  (My brakes are INSANELY good)  However, probably the best effect will be to let them get nailed, so I guess I will.

Still, I just don't get it.  How stupid.

Ok, back to work...