April 19th, 2007


Blind euphoric nausea.

Have you ever coughed so hard that you got this sorta altered-reality state where you can see, but your brain doesn't seem to be processing the signals right, so it's almost like the stuff isn't really there?  You feel kinda nauseous from the whole thing and yet it's all kind of pleasant?  I get it whenever I have a good enough cold to make me cough hard enough to (likely) squeeze my brain up in the sloshiness it usually happily swims around in.

What's really cool is when this happens in the car when you're driving... and yer kinda like "hmmm, oncoming traffic!  wheee!  i think maybe oncoming traffic would like to say hello to me and my car!  wheeee!!"

Scary shit, man.

My "drunk" mood for this post is the closest I can come to this.  LiveJournal needs to add a "Blieuphnaus" mood.

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