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Intelligence and Natural Selection

Another quick thought that rattles around in my head on occasion... have you ever considered that Intelligence is more likely to be naturally selected out than stupidity?

Think about it for a moment from the most simple perspective: having kids.

If you think about kids unemotionally, you quickly realize that kids are not always the smartest thing to do.  They're expensive, they take up an inordinant amount of your free time, they cause you lots of undue stress, they sap your energy that you would focus on work, your spouse, hobbies, etc.  What do they give back?  Again, speaking without emotion here, right?  The only thing they give back is the procreation and survival of your genes.

Yet, most of us eventually wind up having kids.  In fact we are so driven to the primary source of having children that it all but permeates our society.  What is this that I speak of?  Well, sex, duh.  We all want sex.  Want it bad.  Gotta have it.  To the point that beer companies flash boobies at us to sell us more beer (as if drinking more beer will get us more boobies... not), but it doesn't matter... we're so driven that somewhere deep down inside our brains something connects that Budweiser to an evening of the horizontal mambo and we're there, babay!  Pass me another beer!  Hey, weren't there supposed to actually be some chicks here on ladies night?  And no, Geoff doesn't count as a chick.  Yes I suppose he is kinda cute under a certain light.  <cough>  Aaaaaaaaaaanyway...

So we bang away, and sure we wear condoms, but the point is we're practicing making babies, no matter what we want to think about it.  We're driven to make more babies and spread those genes, and that's what we're playing at one way or another.

And yet, what do dumb people do? Well, they do dumb shit like sleep with lots of loose women not wearing condoms... or hell, they get sloshed on their booby beer and get their girlfriend (or wife) knocked up when they didn't intend to.  Hell really dumb people do it a few times before they learn.  The result?  More dumb people!  Dumb babies by the dozen!  Piles of them flooding the halls of our hospitals... and eventually voting booths.

What do smart people do?  Well, they see what all these dumb people go through and think "Jesus!  That looks like hell on earth.  Sure they're cute and all, but I ain't getting tied up in that crap.  I'm not having kids.  I'm getting my tubes tied now before I get booby-beer goggles one night and give old Matilda down in accounting one hell of a lay."  The result?  Less smart people!  All the really smart babies are, in fact, never born.

So now we're getting more and more dumb babies and less and less smart ones.  Ok, well in theory one dumb person can control a thousand or so smart people, maybe, right?  I'm not sure of the number, but I'm guessing it's a pretty big one.  So you figure all of the smart people will band together and sort of guide the larger less-intelligent populace to a course of direction that is more appropriate.  You know, like herding cows or sheep.

The problem is that the overwhelming strength of the dumb people winds up being more than smart people can bear up under because it isn't just about being smart, you have to be smart and be a leader of men.  That's a pretty rare combination and it requires a lot of very special things to line up.  So since we don't have tons of those, the dumb people over-run the smart people, and vote for Bush.  Now the dumb people have crowned their dumb person poster child as ruler of the free world, thus perpetuating the problem.  Then follows a conveyor belt of dumb legislation that...

Wait, I'm getting a bit off-course here.

But then, am I really?  Consider the way things have been going.  Consider those who voted for Bush and why.  Consider things like more than 50% of the populace still thinks that Saddam Huessein (sp?) was still directly connected to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  What does all of this say?  Consider why all the smart people don't rally together and vote for someone smart?  Consider that even if they all did vote for someone smart that the overwhelming and ever-increasing amount of dumb people would simply out-vote them?

There is enough here to suggest that intelligence simply isn't destined for long-term survival.  We will, in time, be as ants are now.  Each individual ant being a worthless expendable commodity, with a small number of defined duties assigned to a smal number of types of ants, and all will execute on their performed pre-destined function and no more.  They live, they operate their tasks oriented towards procreation, they die.

The question, then, is how to avoid such a fate.

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